Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Journey Begins

Today I begin documenting my journey to publication. That's not to say I’m not a little nervous about opening my writer’s closet to allow the world to peek inside, but every story needs a little tension, right? I’m packed and ready to hit the road—the proverbial writer’s highway—to destinations (and expectations) unknown. Come along with me. I’d love the company. Perhaps you can encourage me along the way? Be forewarned, the path will be bumpy, uphill, and we'll surely run into a few road blocks; but being a country girl, I know the side roads display unbeatable scenery.

Remember the song Put One Foot in Front of the Other from the animated Christmas classic Santa Claus is Coming to Town? Well, that’s what we’ll do. Let’s begin. Left. Right. Left.

Yikes! I’ve barely stepped out of the door, and I’ve already gotten my feet wet. Since I have to stop to pull on my galoshes anyway,  I might as well open my laptop and send off a few submissions. (I tried to make that sound nonchalant, but a few hornets just replaced the butterflies in my stomach.)   I peruse through my writing file and find several of my short stories, essays, memoirs, and poems. I also have three novels in my WIP file (works in progress). Hmm. I've decided to send a poem and a short story for now. Reaching for the send button… reaching… reaching… Done. (Eeek!) Now I'll try my best to disregard the hornet’s nest I’ve stirred inside. After all, I need to watch the road for more puddles.

Well, I've broken new ground. I’ve submitted. Mmm… I feel like a true pioneer!

~A Writer’s Hart


Rain Chapman said...


So proud you've taken the first steps. I look forward to following your journey.

Rain =D

C. E. Hart - Author said...

Thank you, Rain. I appreciate your encouragement. :D

JM Powers, Author said...

I see you peeking out of your closet at those agents and publishers. Seems writing runs in you family blood. Enjoy the journey! I'm in your backpack. :)

C. E. Hart - Author said...

Aw you're so sweet. I'm glad you're traveling with me.

teeny104 said...

I'll definitely be here for the journey, wouldn't miss it for anything!

Love your journal :) xx

C. E. Hart - Author said...

Thank you for the kind words - and for keeping me company!


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