About Cheryl

Cheryl Hart hears voices. Hordes of mumbling, chattering, and even screaming voices—demanding she divulge their stories. Sometimes they talk fast and all at once; often at the most inopportune times. That might explain the recurrent incidents where she drops everything and frantically hunts for a pen, pencil or lip liner…anything that allows her to jot down words, ideas or remarkable quotes.

Sometimes the voices only whisper. They don’t reveal their tales so freely, so she’s forced to do grueling research into their pasts, eavesdrop on their private conversations, and wrench out their stories while they’re kicking and screaming. They make her work hard to acquire their dribble, so she retaliates by displaying their secrets for all to read (muahaha).

She swears it is the relentless, exhausting voices that make her look and act bizarre. In reality, she’s sane. No really! The head-babbling din triggers her occasional lapses of good sense and makes her forget to do the simplest tasks…such as eating, sleeping or going to the bathroom. Her idiosyncrasies and blunders are all due to the distracting voices in her head. Nevertheless, she finds telling their stories gratifying.

To state it more simply, she’s a writer.

1 comment:

J.M. Powers said...

Love the paper airplanes you fly. That made me laugh. In all seriousness, I love your writing, and I am sure whoever you submit to will too. :)


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