Wednesday, April 27, 2011

3 reasons to join a writers group

Last week I attended my first writers group at a local coffee shop. What fun! I really enjoyed myself. I drank a cup of steamy Moka Java, and was introduced to other authors who share my passion. In addition to my online writer friends, this group promises to be a great opportunity to share, give, take and grow.

I’m a motivated writer. I write every day, but I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my craft. So, if not for motivation, then why join a writers group? Well, to keep from boring you with a multitude of reasons, I’ll narrow them down to my top three.

  1. Friendship
No matter the experience level, preferred genre, writing style or goal, making a connection with other writers is a special thing. Writer-friends bounce ideas off each other, give and accept guidance, and talk about make-believe beings and worlds without getting strange looks.

  1. Opportunities
On our authoring journeys, we each travel along different paths. That’s a good thing! Diverse gifts, contacts, experiences, and opportunities are sure to abound. The input we receive from other writers is invaluable. Oftentimes, a fresh set of eyes will spot errors, discrepancies, or weaknesses that we fail to see because our tired eyes are too familiar with our own story.

  1. Support
Non-writers may find it difficult to understand why we devote so much time to our writing. They may even feel we’ve gone insane—creating, admiring and loving imaginary people who only exist in our minds. They simply don’t understand that writing is the only way to make them come to life. 

These are only three reasons to join a writers group. There are so many benefits. Are you a member of a writers group? If not, I encourage you to join one. Sometimes, finding a local group is difficult, but an online group of virtual writer-friends can be just as valuable.  The united energy flow will give lift to our stories and take them even higher.

Don’t run this writer’s race alone! It’ll be nice to have someone there to cheer us on through the twists and turns, and congratulate us when we cross the finishing line of each book.

~A Writer's Hart


Gabrielle said...

All good reasons! I love the Friday night meetings I have with a fellow writer friend. Good for the soul.

Deborah Lawrenson said...

I've never been to a writers' group, nor a creative writing class, come to that, but I've always been curious about how they work and whether they are helpful. Keep us posted!

Rain Chapman said...

This is so true! I have my online buddies and they are so valuable to me; not only thier friendship, but the help they share freely. I wish there was something local I could attend, sigh, lol. Enjoy your group and share your insights so I can live vicariously through you. Okay? lol =D

usahawan said...

I've never been before, but socializing is great for knowledge!!


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