Monday, June 20, 2011

Vote and Win a Chance For $25!

My quirky romance, Piper’s Passion Cookies, is a finalist in One Place for Romance’s Second Anniversary Summer Romance Novella Contest! (Wow that's a mouthful of romance!)  Let me break it up into smaller bites... 
Hot guy in swim trunks       þ
A touch of magic                   þ
Swarming passion                þ
Delicious kisses                     þ
Your vote?                             ¨ Priceless

VOTE HERE! You can vote by clicking the link on the site (this brings up your default mail client) or by sending an email to:  with Piper's Passion Cookies in the subject line. That's all you have to do.

WIN $25! One voter in the rising star category will be selected at random to receive a $25.00 gift code from 1PFR!


Harpreet Singh said...

WOO!! I voted, and I hope your novela wins!! Good luck and thanks for the chance to win $25!


C.E. Hart said...

Thank you, Harpreet! You're the bestest!! :)

Jill Kemerer said...

Hot guy in swim trunks? You've got my vote! Good luck and congrats!!

C.E. Hart said...

LOL Thanks, Jill. I appreciate the vote - and the congrats. :) Big smiles to you!


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