Friday, November 11, 2011

11 things I’m thankful for on 11-11-11:

Everyone who is (or was) active duty, honorably discharged, in the reserves or retired from the U.S. Armed Forces, contributed to my safety and freedom. I salute you!

Friends and Family
They cheer for me when I triumph, lend a hand, ear, or shoulder during defeat, and give me a swift kick in the pants when I need it.

I’m able to stand, walk, and talk. I am blessed. I work with many who can’t. Seeing their struggles and victories puts so much into perspective.

‘There’s a roof up above me. I’ve a good place to sleep. There’s food on my table and shoes on my feet.’

Kind Strangers
They’ve shared a smile, returned a lost phone, given me directions, and allowed me merge into their lane.

It’s the most economical medicine for the soul. And it tastes good.

So many don’t have it. So many die fighting for it. It was given to me by U.S. Veterans.

They give me something to stick my nose into, without getting me into trouble. (Lol)

No, I haven’t lost my mind—not completely anyway. Without the valleys, I wouldn’t know the joy of reaching the peaks.

The imaginings of my mind is what gives life to my dreams.

He’s given me everything I’m thankful for. 


J.M. Powers said...

My favorite of your list is...Laughter--and it tastes good.

What a touching post.
Thank you.

C.E. Hart said...

Well, we've certainly done a lot of it! haha


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