Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Am Not Normal

  • Redheads have fiery tempers. 
  • The U.S. population is overweight.
  • Teen drivers are careless.
  • Homeless people are lazy.
  • Asians are intelligent. 
These stereotypical statements predict or assume normal behaviors for certain groups of society. 

But what exactly is normal?
Can anyone be typecast as such?
Each individual on this planet is one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable. We have diverse personalities, dreams, goals and characteristics. We display different temperaments and sensitivities. We can be bizarre, funny, mean, slow, scary, genius, odd, lazy or peculiar.

How then can any of us be normal?
Why would anyone wish to be?

To be normal is to be common, average, ordinary. I certainly don’t want to be an ordinary being. I enjoy being abnormal. My hodgepodge of traits, habits, customs, gifts and faults is what makes me unique.

We should stop pigeonholing people with labels. 

After all, aren’t we are all strange and wonderful?


Sverige said...

In Leah's Wake is a coming of age novel with a harsh outlook that life is not as rosy as it might seem to be. There are bumps along the way during the adolescence period, and no one is spared of them, not even those from families seeming to have it all on the outside. I've not read such a novel that reminds me so much of the detrimental consequences of teenage rebellion than In Leah's Wake.

The Tyler family is perfect... externally. The parents, Will and Zoe, work hard to ensure the family leads a comfortable and respected lifestyle. The eldest daughter, 16-year old Leah, is the most promising soccer star in the state and has high chances of obtaining a scholarship from the best colleges in the country. The second daughter, 13-year old Justine, is a smart girl on track to succeeding in life.

C.E. Hart said...

Thanks, Sverige. I loved the book In Leah's Wake too. Justine was one of my favorite characters and almost stole the show! ;) (For some reason, this posted under the previous post. lol)


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