Saturday, November 10, 2012

Heaven Changes Everything
by Todd & Sandra Burpo
A Devotional

I highly recommend reading Heaven Is For Real before reading Heaven Changes Everything.
I’m presenting my review of the first book (Heaven Is For Real) before the review for Heaven Changes Everything, because I think it might be helpful.

A four-year-old’s explanation of heaven without the obstacles of adult influences or expectations.

This story captured me from the beginning. I love little Colton and his heartwarming, enlightening story – told through his father, Todd Burpo. Yes, the media is full of been there, done that stories concerning out-of-body experiences and seeing the light (I’m in no way discounting them, or making light of those) but few accounts are given from such an innocent and fresh perspective.

I found this book informative, entertaining and uplifting. I didn’t find anything in the story to be sensationalized or exaggerated. There was no need too, because this child experienced things of this world (and out of this world) with an unsullied and a pure heart.  This book will surely bless you – and perhaps (if you aren’t already) make you a believer.

This book can be read in one sitting. Photos are inserted in the middle, that add to the already fabulous imagery of the story. Highly recommended.

At the beginning of each of the 42 chapters is an excerpt from the first book, Heaven Is For Real. Each quote is then followed by an essay, explaining how the circumstances changed the Burpos’ lives or outlooks. Then ends with a question and Bible verse, showing important applications.
I think this is a nice ‘expansion pack’ so to speak, but I wasn’t totally engrossed in this book like I was the first. It serves very nicely as a devotional book.

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