Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Finding Time

During leisure moments
I visit an exclusive hideaway.

I close my eyes
and allow unfathomable shadows
to capture me.
Escorted by the soft waves of my mind
I reach a private alcove
where memories settle.

I loll by time's shore
catching glimpses
of simpler childhood days;
where fears were unknown
dreams sown
risks taken
and imagination never forsaken.

Overgrown fields served
as make-believe oceans
where I voyaged to unfamiliar worlds.
The nearby woodlands
sheltered magic 
and begged to be explored;
for that was where
pixies dwelt.

The light hours of day
were lived outdoors.
Nature was my playhouse
my podium
my stage.

Trees were climbed
tires swung
and puddles jumped.

Summers were long
troubles short-lived
hugs sought
bugs saved
and bedtime edged in too fast.

The future was endless
was enough.

satisfies my soul.

I'll visit my haven again
when I find 

                            By C.E. Hart


Penelope Lolohea said...

So beautiful! I'd definitely love to visit my own haven soon...just have to find the time. ;)

C.E. Hart said...

It's hard to find time for ourselves, isn't it? Especially during the holidays. :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice poem. You nailed it.

Randy Kadish

C.E. Hart said...

Thank you, Randy! I'm glad you liked it. :)

mike draper said...

I enjoyed your poem. So nice to have something that makes you think.
Love the ending.
Mike Draper

C.E. Hart said...

Thank you for your visit, Mike!

J.M. Powers said...

I want to go to that haven. Beautiful poem.
It made me sigh.


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